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Born and raised in Ohio Michelle has been riding horses all her life. In 2006 she graduated from Miami University with a business degree and after taking a break from riding turned her sites back on the equine world. She has worked and trained with some of the Midwest's top Eventers, Showjumpers and Dressage riders. After several years working as a professional groom and assistant she decided to move her focus to the dynamics of saddle fitting and equine performance. 

In 2013, The Happy Equine was founded with the philosophy that the horse comes first when it comes to choosing the best equipment for your ride no matter your budget. Michelle has attended the highly renowned Master Saddler's Association training program where she has had the opportunity to learn under some of the top saddle fitters in the world. In 2019 she obtained her bit fitting certification through both Bomber Bits and Stubben NA and is now conducting both saddle and bit fitting clinics. 

The Happy Equine is an independent saddle fitting company so although we may carry certain brands that does not mean we are biased against others. We carry a range of new/used saddles from multiple retailers. 
Michelle continues to be an active competitor and show supporter with her two horses "America's Favorite Cookie" and "Cool Springs Holden" and resides at her farm in Xenia, Ohio with her husband, two dogs and multiple farm animals. 

Current Accreditations:
MSA Certified Saddle Fitter
Certified Western Saddle Fitter
Certified Bomber Bit Fitter
Stubben NA Custom Fitter
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