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  • Why is saddle fit important?
    Having a saddle that does not fit is like walking around all day with a rock in your shoe. It is important to not only have a saddle that fits but is also comfortable to your horse. We have seen over and over again a horse that refuses to go forward but with a properly fitted saddle is suddenly like new. Finding a well fitting saddle can be the difference between a pulled rail and a winning performance.
  • What are the signs of poor saddle fit?
    There are the obvious signs from a sore back to white hairs but there are also small signs like: tail swishing, pinned ears, refusing to go forward, bucking after jumps, unable to round back/collect, difficulty in transitions or unable to travel straight. Listen to your horse!
  • Does my saddle fit me?
    Ask yourself these questions:Do you struggle to keep your leg under you? Is your instructor constantly correcting your position? Do you feel out of balance? Experience back pain? These can all be signs that your saddle may not be putting you in the best position
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